Who is Kripa?

My name is Kripa Sundar. I’m an educational professional who juggles multiple roles including that of a researcher, instructional designer, and learner. My passion lies in identifying and connecting instructional strategies with tools, analog or digital to make learning an experience. kripa cm

I experience learning. I revel in thinking. I enjoy questioning. I thrive on challenging myself. I am fueled by my belief in change from the individual level upwards. I strive to think from a system’s perspective, considering the interlinks between the different components. I live by the idea of grow and help grow. I believe in continuous development. I deny claims to being an expert in anything; there will always be more to learn every day. I’ve moved from thinking in dichotomous black-and-white terms to thinking along a continuum. I create and find order amidst chaos. Most importantly I place the value of research on how it translates to practice. Always.



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