About EdShuttle

What is Education Shuttle?

Education Shuttle is a blog and a community of inquiry and practice for everyone who teaches whether it be a classroom, online, or at home. Education Shuttle is your express to instructional strategies backed by educational theory and research. It also translates theories and strategies into techniques, resources, and tools for your teaching practice.


What is Education Shuttle’s purpose?

Questions raised and lessons learned from teaching experiences are muted by the chaos of everyday life. Education research trudges along through the peer-review process to be guarded by closed access. At the end, it is often lose-lose situation in the grand scheme of change. Education Shuttle’s purpose is to build a two-way open communication line between research and practice with the intention of creating feasible evidence backed solutions to educational concerns. A subsidiary purpose of Education Shuttle is to help instructors understand the big idea behind their practice allowing them to engage in deeper reflection and real-time problem solving without losing the learning objective.

Who is Education Shuttle for?

Education Shuttle primarily aims to cater to any instructor, teacher, professor, trainer, coach, mentor, or parent who wants ideas and resources on how to teach.

Why should I hop on board the Education Shuttle?

Education Shuttle is the shuttle driven by a practicing researcher between educational research and practice. Educational Shuttle breaks down the hidden treasures of ivory tower and distributes its wealth to those who may use it. The big ideas are crystallized through clearly laid out techniques, resources, and tools. Through Education Shuttle, instructors have the power to critically give feedback on what works and what doesn’t and to refine or redefine strategies.


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